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TSM Automatic Cylinder Sewing Machine

TSM Automatic Cylinder Sewing Machine
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★Technical Features:
1.This high speed sewing machine is suitable in the viscose, the nylon,the polyester fabric.
2.Fabric enter by open-width method,Maximum width:2300-2800MM.
3.Equip with four “?shape”rollers.
4.Fabric leading rollers wrapped by   pvc, actuated by the digital frequency changer.
5.Equip with tension roller, contrl the fabric tensity.
6.Equip with 2 sets of central adjustment device, use to adjust the fabrics.
7.Use s mooth stainless steel to manufacture the folding triangle, can be comtrolled automatically, ensure the fabric to be folded accurately. 
8.Sewing machine automatic spotting system, actuated by digital frequency changer, helps the operation runs s moothly. Though the special devices,sewing can be as close to selvedge as possible.This device can beoperated even the selvedge is not leveled. No manpower is need to operate this device.
9.Germany electronic curling preventing device, equips with 3 chrome fingers, set up in font of the sewing machine, ensure selvedge can be unfolded from inner curl.
10.Already sewed fabric release by fabric waver, the tension that exist while sewing can be controlled by over feed method on fabric waver. 
11.Special high speed sewing machine, single silk sewing, lubricating automatically.
12.Electronic controlling fabric feeding speed synchronize with sewing speed, which can beadjust easily on the control box.
13.A complete set of control buttons are equipped on the control box.
14.Breakage alarm-equipent with break off monitor, cloth tail alarm-euipment with break off onitor.
15.Low voltage electric circuit board.                           

★Technical Parameter:
1.Power supple request: Approximately 5KW.Comperessed air:
2.Standard: work area: 2800MM.
3.Speed:Maximum 60M/MIN.
5.Maximum 30 M/MIN(Depends on the speed type of cloth).
6.Weight: 1300KG.

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