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RH Turntable Uniform Humidifier

RH Turntable Uniform Humidifier
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Detailed Product Description

1.Suiable for textiles, non-woven fabric, wood, paper product, film and printing etc industry uniform low to liquid.
2.Entry of the shrinking machine, pre-shrinhing/finishing machines, napping machine, calendering machine, steaming machine and cecatising machine.
3.Entry or exit of the setting machine.

★Technical Features:
1.Without contact, liquid feeding uniformity and without liquid droplet and water track form.
2.Without tension treatment,without change the fabric structure.
3.The liquid feeding amount with cloth speed show linear adjustment,ensure to pass direction of the front and back fluid volume is uniform.
4.According to set parameters of the fluid feeding voume, keep fluid feeding amount is not change and good reproducibility.
5.Between fabric and treating liquid is not changed,avoid possibility of the soution contamination fabric.
6.Easy to install, less ground demand, long serivce life, operates simply and easy to use.

★Technical Parameters:
1.Size of complete machine: 2810V(L)x420(W)x400(H)MM.
2.pressure of water source:?2kg/cm2.
3.pressure of water source:?2kg/cm2.
4.Power supply:380V.
5.Effective width of humidifying:1800-2800MM.
6.Total power of motor:0.75KW.

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