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RH-500 Automatic Fabric Spreader

RH-500 Automatic Fabric Spreader
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Detailed Product Description

1.PLC control LCD touch system: The way of set various functions. you can choose or set it only by touching the function keys on the touch screen. 
2.The machine can set up the amout of layers for your own need(maximum 100 layers). lf the layers reaches the preset number or no cloth will automatically shut down.  
3.Functions of machine can be set up simply. Single person can operate, save manpower, without manual intervention.        
4.Equipped with the emergency stop device. The fabric that is spreading not appears dragging case when stop.
5.The path of cloth cutting knife can be adjustable depend on width of fabrics. It can save extra time in the progress of moving back and forth.
6.Automatic edge-align device assure the selvage neatly, saving fabrics.
7.Humane emergency stop devices to prevent sudden security maintenance.
8.Knitted fabrics, woven fabrics, pre-shrinking fabric cloth, one-way spreading.

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