Suppliers Jiangsu Aodema Machinery Technology Co.,Ltd RH-300 Open-width knitted Fabric Singeing Machine
Details for China RH-300 Open-width knitted Fabric Singeing Machine

RH-300 Open-width knitted Fabric Singeing Machine

RH-300 Open-width knitted Fabric Singeing Machine
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Detailed Product Description

★Porduct Introduction:
The requirment on the grades of knitted fabrics becomes higher and higher. The Singeing process of knitted fabrics is very important. Especially for the recently popular elastic cloth racking process,if singeing s added, the cost wll be greatly reduced and the strength and cloth surface effects will be improved.

This product adopts the features of similar products and uses MJA burner.The burner nozzles are exquisitely made,and a cirulating cooling tube is equipped at the burner to keep it work ing for a long time and ensre the evenness of the fire.The service life can reach as long as five years,and the power consumption is reduced by 50%,which greatly lowers the manufacturing cost.

★Technical Feature:
1.Compact structure, and the distance between the rollers is small.
2.All the rollers except the transition rollers are dynamic roller with decreases the tension and avoid corrugation.
3.PLC control and frequency conversion speed regulation ensures a stable synchronism and avoids corrugation.
4.The machine frames and rollers have high mechanical strength,tongether with small fit tolerance and stable transmission to avoid corrugation.
5.Multiple “S” type transmission and thread separation avoid corrugation and peeling and ensure even singeing. 

★Technical Parameters:

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