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Details for China RH-218 Type trimming Roll Checking Machine

RH-218 Type trimming Roll Checking Machine

RH-218 Type trimming Roll Checking Machine
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Detailed Product Description

The aircraft type for chemical fiber fabrics, nonwoven fabrics,wire-mesh cloth,after inspetion,trimming directly into tongzhuang volumes,can also be used more knifecut take-up,or for post-mortem volume of direct coiling.

★Technical Features:
1.The use of welding steel-box structure,by the cabinet,wang link fastening components,such as shoring component,xiang tinei part in the drive,qi tight structure,operational safety,shape   simple,simple.
2.From double-frequency control to achieve tension adjustment,a wide range of tension absorbed thick,thin fabric can adapt.
3.A photoelectric exploration side,hydraulic promote the car with sideedge high accuracy.
4.Use of computers for long,and portrays admission rate of a few significant and have fixed-length,perimeter set up,rice,code-conversion, and other functions.
5.Adopted on the lights,under the light boxes,matt black surface,light fully conducive to enhancing the quality and efficiency of in spection.
6.Cold cut,the aerodynamic configuration cold cutter,through the air pressure to control,adjust the knife pressure-thick,thin may apply.
7.Earnestiy,argeted vertical electric heating knife,only 180W single-pole/double-throw power control and temperature control regulator combination,in accordance with requirements of self-regulation and control settings.

★Technical Parameters:
1.Effectuve width:1800MM-3500MM(optional).
2.Winding diameter:4800MM.
3.Take-up speed:0-60M/MIN.
4.Correcting category:Hydraulic type,photoelectri probe.
5.Tension adjustment:0-400N(can be realized without tension).
6.Active power:1.5-2.2KW.
7.Machines weighing:About 1T(under menfu var).

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